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  2. Wild Horse Annie: Velma Johnston and Her Fight to Save the Mustang
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An uplifting tale of animal rights, perseverance, and kids' power to make a difference. Readers will root for Annie and the mustangs she fought to protect. Teachers can use the book as a springboard for discussions about activism or the impact of habitat loss on wild animals. She lives in West Newton, Massachusetts. His illustrations also appear in advertising, magazines, and product packaging. Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website.

We teach about feeding, healthcare, grooming, environment, tack, property handling in the pasture, on a lead, in a trailer, as well as a balanced and stable seat. Horsemanship helps boost confidence and teaches leadership skills. Working with horses, you develop listening skills and patience all the while learning to understand your own feelings and emotions, channeling stress, turning negatives into positives, and producing productive results. Riding a horse is just the tip of the iceberg. Horsemanship is so much more than just being astride. We touch on topics such as:.

Horse ownership requires commitment, hard work, and sometimes sacrifice. By learning about the entire horse experience, we believe you will be better equipped to care for your own. But finally, someone has comes along to mix it up. Definitely worth the time. I love the character development and the action, so beautiful. Worth every penny! And tear. Oct 04, Isabelle rated it it was amazing.

I really likes this book it was a real horse book unlike some of the cheesy horse bookas out there. If you liked national velvet you will like this. May 17, Mary Alice rated it it was ok Shelves: summer-camp , juvenile-fiction. More of a horse story than a camp story, even though it is set at a summer camp. This book is filled with excitement and sadness and also passion.

This book is the best i could read. Apr 30, Rebecca Ellen rated it liked it. Mar 14, Jasmine Jacobs rated it really liked it. For example Beau may have been sold but Lancelot had helped her get over Beau and challenge her to do bigger and better things to get to where she had wanted to be in life, which was to have her own horse and to be the most advanced in her training group.

I recommend this book for the ones who actually like to read and the ones who are a big fan of horses, or even like reading about challenges.

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Mar 06, Mackenzie rated it it was amazing. This book is by far my favorite. Since I was young, I have always had a passion for horses, but I didn't get my very own until I was thirteen. I remember that longing, that sense of wanting to own my own horse. It reminds me how hard it was to get my family to understand just how bad I wanted a horse to be my soulmate.

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When I finally convinced them, I was shocked to see that they had gotten me the horse of my dreams. Jane reminds me of me in a sense, always wanting a horse, then not really belie This book is by far my favorite. Jane reminds me of me in a sense, always wanting a horse, then not really believing it when it actually happens.

This book shows the truth in many ways for all the horse-loving girls out there who want nothing more than a horse to call their own. I recommend this book to everyone of all ages because it stays faithful to the horse world and what it's like to have that feeling, that thought, that you'll never get your own horse.

And eventually, you will get your own horse. In the meantime, you should read this book because of how amazing it is.

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  7. Jun 06, Samantha rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I've just finished reading Annie Wedekind's debut novel "A Horse of Her Own" and want to shout from the roof tops just how good it is. I have been an avid horse rider since I was a child but much like the main character, Jane, I was never able to own my own horse but I was - and still am- besotted with the horse I rode twice-weekly since I can remember.

    There aren't many series or stand alone novels for girls who love h I've just finished reading Annie Wedekind's debut novel "A Horse of Her Own" and want to shout from the roof tops just how good it is. There aren't many series or stand alone novels for girls who love horses nowadays.

    Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Welcome Second Horse Named Annie

    There are a few series out there but stand alone novels are rare and scarce. It's not like girl's all of a sudden fell out of love with horses, I know plenty of girl's who lap up horse books at the shop. All I can say is that I love Annie Wedekind. She uses her passion of horses and years of experienced riding to create this perfectly detailed, utterly delightful novel about a girl at a horse camp.

    Wild Horse Annie: Velma Johnston and Her Fight to Save the Mustang

    Jane doesn't quite fit in with most of the girls who are also at the camp. For one thing they all come from much more wealthy families.

    Riding Luna for the First Time 😳 (WK 331) - Bratayley

    Not to mention the fact that she's the only one without her own horse. Though you will learn from just a few chapters that nobody deserves a horse like Jane does, while most of the richer girls - Alyssa, Jennifer, Emily - are just in for the riding and looking pretty, leaving the stable hands to clear up and wash down their horses after, Jane is there for Beau for the long haul. She cares for him like he really was her own.

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    So when in the middle of camp Beau is sold to another girl at camp, Jane is devastated, she's lost her true best friend. But she blocks the jibes and hard remarks out and sets out to impressing her trainer and grow to her full potential. My heart broke with Jane when Beau was sold, and it soared right back up again when Jane was given the chance to ride magnificent - and difficult - Lancelot.

    Alongside the intricate details of horsemanship, there is also a tale of true friendship and a little teenage romance going on. But through to the core, this is a book about loving horses. If you are like me and adore horses this novel will capture your heart. Down to the description of trotting poles and hedge jumps, this book is perfectly sculpted.

    If you don't ride, you'll be itching to start after you've finished A Horse of Her Own. I've probably read this times and have not gotten tired of it. The perfect story that accurately depicts a teenage girl losing her horse. This book has helped me through similar times, giving me hope that I will move on to a horse like Lancelot and I did; love you, Brady.

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    I connected with Jane in so many ways and have so many memories associated with this book like when my friends and I tried to make it into a movie! Beau will forever be my Gracer and Lancelot will be my Brady. So grateful for this incredible book and wonderful horses that make it complete. Losing a horse is the hardest thing ever, but there's always more you can love. Hoping I love my next horse as much as Brady, Gracer, and Thomas Dec 04, Ally H rated it it was amazing.

    Jane doesn't own a horse so she uses one named Beau from the barn.

    Annie's horses - Annie Shank Parelli Ocala FL

    One day she is riding at sunny acres when she finds out terrible news, that she can no longer ride Beau. After, her trainer asked if she may want to train a horse named Lancelot. Lancelot is a great and talented horse but, can also be very dangerous. Jane must trust herself and Lancelot. If she does she may be able to ride at the end-of-summer competition and maybe even end up with a horse of her own. I thought the book A Horse of Her Own was a very heartwarming story.

    Annie Wedekind did a fantastic job being very descriptive. She also did a great job making the characters stand out and come to life.