Reading the New Testament for the First Time

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  1. Reading the New Testament for the First Time by Ronald J. Allen
  2. Reading the Bible Again for the First Time: Taking the Bible Seriously but Not Literally
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Reading the New Testament for the First Time by Ronald J. Allen

It is wonderful to celebrate this victory with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Now that the New Testament has been translated, Pastor A's ability to read his native Tamajaq has improved significantly. This is now the only version of the Bible he reads and preaches from and he spends time reading it daily. What a blessing for him and his congregation. How can people understand His word if it is not in their heart language. It is a miracle that testifies to the greatness of Christ who loves every language and desires to be praised in each of these languages.

Reading the Bible Again for the First Time: Taking the Bible Seriously but Not Literally

Multiple Tamajaq believers shared their joy with the team and gave glory to God during the joyous celebration. We rejoice because we have His word in our hands, and today it is now even in our language. Every believer, no matter their job, can use this word to bring our nation towards Christ so that salvation can be found.

God will use this translation to reach others through us. New finds by archaeologists and scholars, she realized, drastically altered how many passages were read. Her initial efforts to push back were not warmly received? It wanted lobbyists, and scholars who changed careers were heavily rewarded.

Brimming with interests, she ran a small horse farm, favoring tough cases. Her dissertation, on a Hittite method of horse training, continues to be cited. Her Source translation of the New Testament was published in Australia in How was it different? She explains in the introduction :. For centuries, the meaning of numerous New Testament words remained unknown, thus translators were left to guess.

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In the late s and again in the mid s, large amounts of papyri and inscriptions were discovered. Yet nearly every New Testament translation of today follows the traditional translations of the earlier versions, which were published centuries before.

She liked Matthew as an example. The poetic translation of the words of Jesus as translated by the KJV had become deeply layered into Christian culture. Nyland, poring over ancient manuscripts, realized it was a legal dispute—using a Greek legal phrase for the crime of keeping owners away from their property.

As she explains :. We now know the scripture has nothing to do with heaven suffering violence or forcefully advancing. This stops those who do have a legal right to it from enjoying their own property. It created more problems for her? Christians were not accustomed to thinking of the messiah as engaged in a legal dispute over property.

That being said, here are my top five places to start reading the Bible:

For me, a notable feature of her translation is the variation in speech between the writers. She comments :.

Which Book of the Bible Should You Read Next/First???

Luke has a full-on sense of humor, and makes playful remarks about Paul, even mimicking certain aspects of his style when he quotes him. We realize: these were all humans. Not figures up in stained glass windows. Humans—with human voices. Her translation was, in sum, a blast from a polymath Bible whiz, with notes ranging over thousands of subjects, from Greek and Roman legal language to Jewish Merkabah Mysticism, shining light into every corner of scripture.

She lists, in a blog post , discoveries she made along the way. If this reading was true, then innumerable references—the whole book! This is most obviously true of 1 Cor — Here as often, I found her readings confirmed by other scholars. Verse by verse, she led me into a new reading of Paul as. He was trying to help Jewish converts make the terrifying shift from Jewish rules—to Christian freedom. Nyland discovered, I feel, something closer to his actual voice?

The subject of the chapter, Dr.

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That experience made me think about coveting, honoring, and bearing false witness in a very real way. Too bad I got dismissed. You find a roller coaster of highs and lows from the elation of Simeon and Anna meeting the baby Messiah to the crushing abandonment of the Hebrews in Babylon. And such repetition: Chronicles and Kings tell many of the same stories. Deuteronomy is like reading the tax code. Numbers is…numbing. There were many surprises. Take Genesis.

Who knew that Sarah and Pharaoh flirted — not once but twice?

Or that Abraham and Sarah pretended to be brother and sister? And then, as it turns out, they were in fact half-siblings. It was unsettling to learn that wise King Solomon ended his life as a fool, hoodwinked by his pagan wives into building altars to sacrifice to their many foreign gods. It was also fun to meet Biblical people who were hiding in plain sight. It is Elihu, the youngest who held his tongue in deference to his elders, who speaks the truth.